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Updating your Will this month makes good sense

September is Wills Monthand to mark the event a number of local law firms in Rotorua have teamed up with the Geyser Community Foundation to encourage you to consider allowing for a gift to the local community in your Will. The participating law firms have agreed to waive their fees for this particular amendment this month*.

Blackman Spargo
07-343 9393
East Brewster 07-348 2030
John Battersby 07-349 2300
Holland Beckett 07 349 4400
O’Sullivan Clemens 07-347 9479
Sandford & Partners 07 348 6039
The Law Shop 07-349 2924
Tompkins Wake 07-347 9466

 *Offer applies only to the inclusion of a gift to the community through the Geyser Community Foundation. Any other changes or additions may be subject to a fee – speak to your lawyer first.

We would like you to experience how easy it is to support local organisations and charities through the Geyser Community Foundation.

Many people in our community want to ‘give back’ and we are delighted that a number of local, leading law firms are supporting this promotion. This means that you can make a simple change to your Will this month and not be charged by the participating law firms.*

Giving in your Will is an easy way to make a difference.

We all know there are many wonderful charitable organisations doing fabulous things in our local community and they deserve our support.

Gifts made through the Geyser Community Foundation last forever. Funds are invested, and the investment income used to support local charities and community groups.

Donors can choose their favourite community groups to support or leave it up to Geyser’s trustees to select those most in need.

For more information on how to support your community and update your Will at no charge* this month, contact the Geyser Community Foundation on 07 349 7496, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or speak to a participating lawyer.


Your questions answered …

Q. What is the Geyser Community Foundation?

Geyser is an independent, local, not-for-profit charitable trust whose main role is to encourage charitable giving in the Rotorua and Taupo communities. We provide specialist fund management and grant-making expertise to a variety of local people like you who want to contribute to our communities’ long term development.

Q. Why would I give through Geyser instead of giving directly to a charity?

Direct donations are often spent immediately so are then gone and possibly forgotten. A donation made via Geyser goes on giving forever. By selecting your charity (or charities) of choice or charitable cause close to your heart, your donation continues giving to them rather than just being a one-off.

Q. How do I know what amount to leave when I don’t know how long I will live for and what will be left?

You don’t have to be specific. You can consider leaving a percentage of your estate or making Geyser an additional child in your will.

Q. I have a Trust, so what benefit would there be in giving through Geyser?

Using Geyser for your charitable giving minimises the burden of the management of your Trust after you and your advisers have passed on. There are also obvious economies of scale which lead to savings in administration and fees meaning more money for your charity of choice or charitable cause close to your heart.

Q. Can I contribute in a limited way during my lifetime?

You may choose to give just a little every year working towards a Named Fund either during your lifetime or beyond. What you have donated will earn interest and you can claim a tax credit of one-third of all donations you make during your lifetime up to the level of your annual taxable income.


Geyser is a unique and effective way to support your local community

  • Donated capital remains forever

  • Investment income supports community groups

  • You can specify your favourite charities or let Geyser select those most in need


Contact the Geyser Community Foundation today to find out more on 07 349 7496.


Geyser Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1742 , Rotorua 3040, New Zealand | Phone : 07 349 7496 | Email: