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Frequently asked questions about giving:


How much do you need to set up a Named Endowment Fund at the Geyser Community Foundation?
A minimum of $50,000 for a Named Endowment Fund.  This amount can be built up over a number of years.

What are the tax benefits of donating to the Geyser Community Foundation?
You can claim a cash tax rebate at 33.3% of the amount of your gift (up to the limits of your income) if you contribute to your fund during your lifetime.

How much do we charge?  What are the costs?
We try and keep our costs to a minimum.  We charge a fee for the administration of your fund.  This includes all administration, grant assessment and investment management.

Where can I give out grants/what area do you cover?
Grants are made to charitable organisations and purposes in the Rotorua and Taupo Districts.

Can I decide where the money from my Fund goes?
Yes, you set criteria for your Named Fund and we will work with you to identify the recipients of grants from your Named Fund.  All grants are ratified by our Board of Trustees.

Can my staff be involved in grant making?
Yes.  It is common for Corporate Named Funds to have staff committees who make the recommendations to the Geyser Community Foundation on the allocation of grants.

Does my Fund need a separate set of trustees?
No.  All the grants are ratified by our Board of Trustees.




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