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Help build a better future for the Rotorua and Taupo district communities.

We all know there are many wonderful charitable organisations doing fabulous things in our local communities and they deserve our support.

Gifts made through the Geyser Community Foundation last forever. Funds are invested, and the investment income used to support charitable causes in the Rotorua and Taupo district communities.

Anyone can contribute to our range of Community Funds. Your donation will help build a permanent fund which will support your community, every year forever.

Giving is now easier

Choose the fund you wish to support from the list below:

You can donate directly from your bank account or by credit card* and automatically receive a receipt for your donation.

*1% bank fee applies to credit card transactions.

Donate by cheque

The use of cheques continues to decline as more and more of us make payments electronically.  Our bank, BNZ has decided to phase out cheques by July 2021, so we will be no longer able to accept them after that time.

We are here to support you through this change and help you find other ways you can make donations that suit you.

If you prefer to donate by cheque before 1 July 2021, make it payable to "Geyser Community Foundation" followed by the Name of the Fund you wish to support, and post it to Geyser Community Foundation, PO Box 611, Rotorua 3040 or drop it into us at our office at 1274 Eruera Street, Rotorua. Don't forget to give us your name and address if you want an official donations receipt.

Tax effective

A receipt is automatically generated on receipt of your donation.  GST is not payable on donations. Receipts can be used to gain a tax credit.  Most donations qualify for a 33% tax credit up to the annual net income of the donor; visit the IRD website for more information.  Donations are not refundable.

Note: Unidentified donations will be applied to the Administration Fund.

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